Everything you value,
Everything we secure.
AnnotateIt goes beyond industry standards for security to keep your data secure and private.


Security is not an afterthought. AnnotateIt has built its platform with an enterprise grade security foundation.

Secure Cloud

Customer data can only be accessed via our secure cloud network using an enterprise VPN.

Access Logging

All access to our servers and customer data is logged and monitored. Granular data access logs are available to our enterprise customers.


Regular security and privacy training for all employees and contractors.


All individuals working on the data go through extensive background checks and are covered under confidentiality agreements.

Privilege bracketing

Individuals have access to only the data they need to complete a given task using authenticated, ephemeral access scopes.


We know how important it is for you and your customers to keep their data private.

No Personally Identifiable Information

Extensive efforts to remove all PII from the data before being sent out for labeling.

No Customer Information

All customer-related information is removed from the data as well.

Minimal Data Retention

All customer data is deleted after a set period, unless communicated otherwise.


AnnotateIt ensures the highest quality labels using battle-tested practices.


Annotators are onboarded for each task to familiarise them with the task and ensure high quality delivery.

Iterative Labeling

We do multiple passes on the task description and interface using annotator feedback to maximize comprehension and productivity.

Flexible Quality Control

Multiple options for quality control depending on budget, volume, required accuracy and turn-around times.

Intelligent Labeling

Using machine learning and statistical, we can estimate deviations in quality at lower cost than redundant labeling.

Advanced Security

On request, we are able to offer additional security measures that go beyond our industry leading standards. Contact us to learn more.
Granular access logs for all data that is scoped to us
Customer controlled policies for data buckets whose access can be revoked at any time
IP limited access to customer data and systems
AnnotateIt provided hardware with enterprise grade encryption and access control to prevent execution of unauthorized applications and code either through network or physical access
Vulnerability, threat detection and network monitoring software installed on all AnnotateIt provided hardware.

Reach out to learn more about how we can secure your data while delivering the highest quality labels for your machine learning datasets.