AI for healthcare needs highly accurate labels for training machine learning models for diagnosis or improving clinical productivity. AnnotateIt uses a skilled workforce of radiologists, physicians, dermatologists and more to get the highest quality labels for Healthcare AI applications.

Medical Imaging

Healthcare vision needs specialists to look at patient reports like CT-Scan, X-rays or ultrasound images. AnnotateIt is a HIPAA compliant labeling service that can identify clinically important biomarkers in patient data.
Diabetic Retinopathy
Skin Lesions
Reasons to count on us

Quality and Scale

Get high-quality training data at high throughput to ensure your model’s data needs are met. We provide guaranteed accuracy and turnaround times.


No matter how complex your task, our platform is fully customizable to suit your needs and your data is annotated by the right person for the job.


Get the best in class security for your data. We follow industry-standard data handling and security protocols including standards like HIPAA.

Domain Experts

Annotators are on-boarded for each job to ensure they are qualified. Our team includes experts like linguists and radiologists.

Enterprise Grade Security

AnnotateIt goes beyond industry standards for security to keep your data secure and private.

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