Our mission is to empower AI businesses by focusing on the human experience

At AnnotateIt, we believe that bringing machine learning platforms and applications to underserved communities and markets can simultaneously create jobs and improve lives
We have offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Hyderabad, India

Our Motivation


Good AI applications need useful data. Data is often the biggest differentiator between businesses. We understand this! We're AI researchers and data scientists that wish we had AnnotateIt at our previous jobs. We built AnnotateIt to solve the most significant challenge that AI companies have.


The data that powers the AI around us comes from humans. Putting the right tools in the right hands and empowering our annotators leads to better outcomes. Everything we do, from the interfaces that we build to our training programs, keeps our annotators in focus.


One of the emerging problems with most AI applications is bias. Research shows that having a narrow labeler demographic leads to biased training data. AnnotateIt actively empowers women and other genders, and people and professions underrepresented in AI.
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Our Story

The founders, Parav and Akshay have helped build machine learning, security, and UX solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world. They started AnnotateIt when they realized that there was no service that could get them the data they needed to build NLP applications for their mother tongues.
AnnotateIt is built to help customers across the globe solve the biggest problem in Machine Learning - having a reliable data pipeline. By democratizing the data collection and labeling process, AnnotateIt also removes biases from Machine Learning models.
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Our designers & ML experts will work with you to customize an interface and setup labeling tasks as a complimentary service.