Build and Annotate Massive Datasets.Quickly and Accurately.
AnnotateIt helps you manage your data collection and labelling pipeline with a powerful crowdsourcing platform.
How It Works

The right tools in the correct hands

AnnotateIt works with your team to build a highly optimized data collection and annotation pipeline.

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Define the task

Our data scientists and domain experts work with you to define the data collection or labelling task. We'll also set up some budgets, goals, and timelines.

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AnnotateIt builds and deploys an interface to help our heroes complete the task on the best device for the job. Our heroes get to work and data starts flowing!

Why AnnotateIt

Solves real world problems

Built by data scientists and engineers, AnnotateIt is an end to end data collection and labelling platform.

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Concentrate on what matters

AnnotateIt makes it faster, cheaper, and easier to deploy your collection and labelling jobs than traditional services like mTurk.
Our experts take care of setting up your pipelines, freeing you up for what matters, you and your work.

The right way to crowdsource

With a mobile first approach, AnnotateIt gives you access to a diverse generation of heroes including heroes that are experts in their domain.
Our heroes include doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, and civil engineers amongst others.

Flexible and powerful

Much more than a labelling platform, AnnotateIt is designed to make it easy to collect those hard to collect datasets, or to label those datasets that need expert domain knowledge.
Real world data is messy, we take care of making sure only the right data reaches your endpoints.


Flexible, powerful, and accessible

AnnotateIt is built to make collecting and annotating hard datasets easy. See samples of the kinds of data pipelines we build.

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