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AnnotateIt is built for your application. Our verticals include:
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Expert labeling
Tasks that require expert annotators like Radiologists or Linguists.
Before After
Medical dataset labeling example - a color fundus photograph of the eye with labeled lesions
Image classification, bounding boxes, image segmentation, and more.
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Retail image annotation example
An example of a grocery store with annotated shelves
Speech Transcription, Text to Speech, and more in multiple languages.
An example of speech transcription
Video classification, video tracking, bounding boxes.
Text and NLP
Document transcription, sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and more.
An annotated example of named entity recognition labeling
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Quality and Scale

Get high-quality training data at high throughput to ensure your model’s data needs are met. We provide guaranteed accuracy and turnaround times.


No matter how complex your task, our platform is fully customizable to suit your needs and your data is annotated by the right person for the job.


Get the best in class security for your data. We follow industry-standard data handling and security protocols including standards like HIPAA.

Domain Experts

Annotators are on-boarded for each job to ensure they are qualified. Our team includes experts like linguists and radiologists.

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